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Cornerstone Realty - Building on the Rock

Cornerstone Realty Management has been at the forefront of providing honest and ethical property investment advice to the Australia and New Zealand markets since the late 1970's.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist 1st time property investors as well as long term seasoned investors.

We provide the complete package, from Financial Services to prime property selection through to the critical area of Property Management, and we're with you every step of the way. Find out more

Cornerstone Property Investments

With Cornerstone Realty you become a client for life. We'll work with you from the very beginning of looking at your financial situation, to getting you into your 1 st investment property. To creating a plan for you to have your own investment property portfolio of high yielding, income producing properties. This is not a dream; everybody, regardless of income and situation can realize their potential to have a sustainable passive income through residential property investing.

Cornerstone Realty - Property Management Service for Investors

Our clients trust Cornerstone Realty Property Management Division to find them the best possible tenants and the best rent for their properties. In fact, we have a very high success rate, meaning each of our investors has opted to appoint Cornerstone Realty as their chosen Property Management team.

We have highly advanced systems in place for landlord statements and the Management and upkeep of your properties. All this for one flat service fee of 7% of the gross rental income - and there's no extra statement fees when Cornerstone Manages your property.

Some property investors are being charged up to $11.00 each month for a statement that should be included in the Property Management fee.

If you're paying more than 7% for your Property Management, contact for a free Property Management appraisal and start saving money.

Remember, you have invested to make money, not to give it away to Real Estate agents.      

We want you to be satisfied and we work hard to exceed your expectations.

Click here to Find out more about our Property Management principles and how we work for you.... Property Management that works.

Cornerstone Realty - Available Rentals in your area

All of our rental properties come with the assurance of a dedicated Property Manager to ensure that your needs as a tenant are also looked after. Our properties go quickly because they are located in highly desirable locations.

Be sure to contact us to get pre-qualified and sign up for our rental list publication. Find out more


Cornerstone Realty is committed to ensuring all parties
to the sale are given a fair go.


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